The upper section of a web page, which includes the logo, site title, main navigation menu, and other essential elements, is commonly referred to as the “Header.” It holds a pivotal role in website design as it appears on every page, serving as the initial visual contact for users upon visiting the site.

The Template Part Header incorporates the following Gutenberg blocks:

  • Site Logo
  • Site Title
  • Navigation
  • Social Icons
  • HeroCode Phone
  • HeroCode Search

You can customize the Header according to your unique design and website goals. To achieve this, the entire set of Gutenberg blocks available in our theme can be utilized. This allows for a wide range of creative possibilities to create a visually captivating and functional Header that aligns perfectly with your website’s vision and objectives.

The lower section of a web page, known as the “Footer,” is situated below the main content of the website. The Footer encompasses information that is consistently displayed on all pages of the website. It serves the purpose of providing additional navigation options, contact details, links to privacy policies, copyright notices, and other significant information.

The Footer assists users in quickly accessing additional information about the website, contacting the site owner, or performing other actions. It is also an integral part of website design, and its content and style can be customized to align with the overall design and objectives of your site.

Empty Template

Whenever there are no posts on an archive page, a category page, a tag page, or a search results page, this element will be used. Like other templates, this template can be customized and modified according to your specific needs and objectives.

The template with a sidebar is applied to specific pages of the website.

The sidebar is a vertical area located beside the main content on a web page. It represents additional space that contains stylized components assembled from standard Gutenberg blocks. By installing the demo content, you will receive a sidebar with blocks such as Search, Tag Cloud, Recent Posts, Categories List, and a Banner with a button.

The same sidebar will be displayed on different pages of the website. When you configure the sidebar in one place, all the changes will be applied throughout the site.